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ArtCAM Education is a free downloadable version of ArtCAM designed specifically for students in the UK to learn the principles of CAD. It allows students to create their own 2D vector artwork, use its free vector art or import pre-created vector designs. Afterwards students can add free relief artwork or use the 3D modelling and sculpting tools within ArtCAM to make a 3D model.

If machining functionality is required please contact one of our sales representatives.

I would definitely recommend the ArtCAM software to everyone, particularly schools as it is so easy to learn and use. I found using this software gave me a good insight into CAD, which was great as I am looking to pursue Product Design, had I known about it before I would have used it for my GCSE work!

All of the small description boxes that appeared when I hovered over an icon helped a lot, especially as it was my first time using any CAD software. Overall I can say that I really enjoyed using the ArtCAM software and I think that its simplicity is great for first time users.

Darcy Hill : The Avon Valley School & Performing Arts College, Rugby
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