3D Design In ArtCAM

Free 3D Models

ArtCAM Education comes with over 100 free pieces of 3D relief clipart that you can use to add embellishments to your design. These can be rotated, positioned and scaled to the required size. Free relief clipart includes: animals, crests, greenery, banners and sports amongst others.

In the 3D view you can then see where the 3D model appears in relation to your current 3D design and the block of material, and add or remove the 3D relief from the material or merge it with the current design. To help visualise your design you can draw or paint other parts of your design in this view and see how they look next to your relief clipart.

3D Modelling

3D Shield

ArtCAM Education provides an array of 3D modelling tools for you to create your own relief from images or vector artwork.

With the Shape Editor you can select a specific colour of your bitmap image or take your vector and quickly transform it into a 3D design with your preferred shape profile, angle and height. This can then be combined with any 3D reliefs you have already created.

Alternatively you can create a unique 3D sweep shape by selecting a number of open vectors to represent the edges and cross sections of your 3D relief :- ideal for creating decorative woodwork such as edging for frames and doors.

For symmetrical repeating designs, ArtCAM Education can also take any 3D relief and immediately create its mirror image. Further embellishment can be then be applied by adding or subtracting pre-created or imported textures to areas of your design. This could be used in woodworking projects such as a texture wall panel, embossing plates or to make a sign’s background.

If you want to add perspective to your design, such as a landscape disappearing into the distance, ArtCAM Education can gradually fade your relief into the material block. Additionally, a face profile can easily be added to a design, E.G a coin design, with ArtCAM’s patent pending Face Wizard. This or any other design can then be embossed within seconds by reducing the ArtCAM Relief to any height, whilst maintaining its prominent details and illusion of depth. This is currently used in industry to create low relief background images for signs or foiling and embossing dies.


ArtCAM Education’s sculpting tools offer ultimate design freedom. With the deposit tool you can freely add height and shape to any area of your relief artwork whereas with the smooth tool you can soften sculpted areas, sharp edges or adjoining 3D shapes.

Interactive sculpting tools

If you make a mistake you can easily sculpt back to a previous point in time. For example, you could smooth or deposit material on an area and erase a small portion back to its original state. By varying the pressure you apply to the design, you can also determine how much of your smoothing you remove. Alternatively you could digitally sculpt areas of your design completely flat.

With all of ArtCAM Education's sculpting tools you have the ability to choose the size and shape of the sculpting brush for any of the sculpting tools as well as how much pressure you apply.

Production Design Tools

ArtCAM Education comes with a number of design tools developed specifically for production environments. Designs can be wrapped around an axis to visualise how it would look for rotary machining or inverted to create male and female parts (useful for press tool manufacture). Alternatively a draft can be added to the model so that a mould does not encase its contents too closely.

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