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ArtCAM 2013 SP4 is now available!
Download ArtCAM 2013 SP4 Minimal install now!

ArtCAM 2013 Service Pack 4 - Release Notes

ArtCAM 2013 Service Pack 4 is now available for download (799MB). It will overwrite an existing installation of ArtCAM 2013. Once you are familiar with the improvements and fixes highlighted below, you can download your service pack by selecting the Help > Check For ArtCAM x Updates > Software Updates menu option in your ArtCAM 2013 software, or by clicking the green Download SP4 button above (Note: You must either be logged into the Delcam Customer Download Centre or have your login details ready to be taken directly to the download).

Fixes & improvements:


  • Update all button on Tool Settings: Create Bridges, Profiling, Female Inlay, and Male Insert panels.

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File Handling

  • Implemented support for Adobe Illustrator files (*.ai) originating from Rhino 5.
  • Ensured header is written correctly when exporting DXF files.

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Vector Creation & Editing

  • Prevented crash when copying and pasting vectors where vectors have an associated Profiling - Along toolpath preview.
  • Accelerated repositioning of vector's Start Node.
  • Added Braille font (Braille.afn) to Create Vector Text tool's Font list.

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  • Accelerated manual Profile Ordering process.
  • Implemented Undo commands for bridge operations.
  • Updated default bridge settings in imperial models.
  • Ensured specified bridge settings are retained between ArtCAM sessions.
  • Update all button on Tool Settings: Create Bridges, Profiling, Female Inlay, and Male Insert panels.
  • Prevented crash when repositioning Start Node in Female Inlay toolpath with bridges.
  • Ensured specified Allowance in Machine Relief - Roughing toolpath is retained in ArtCAM Model file (*.art).
  • Removed maximum tool limit for Tools List control in Area Clearance and Smart Engraving toolpaths.
  • Accelerated repositioning of a toolpath's Start Node.
  • Ensured specified Profile Ordering is acquired and preserved.
  • Prevented script error when calculating Area Clearance toolpaths utilising multiple tools, and ensured preservation of toolpaths.
  • Added AXYZ_4X_Y2A_LH_MM(*.nc) post-processor to Save Toolpaths dialog's list.

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