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ArtCAM 2018 enhances its tools to help make designing even easier
By continuing to add new and improved features to our software, ArtCAM is the ideal solution for you to create artistic design for CNC milling.
Vector Shadow

Designers can now create vector shadows from reliefs, which allows you to produce 2D designs that look 3D. This is useful to create a 3D effect without the time it takes to machine with a relief.

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Selecting Colors

The color dialogue has been updated to give more flexibility to select colors. A new color wheel and color square make it easier to specify colors in specific hues, saturations and luminosities. You can also now select colors interactively from areas displayed on the screen.

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Real-Time Reliefs

When working with reliefs, we’ve included more features to work in real-time which allows you to instantly see the effects of your change4s in the 3D view. This works for Smoothing, scaling and creating a dome relief.

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4K Ultra-High Definition (UHD)

You can now display ArtCAM on 4k UHD resolutions. This means you no longer need to change the display scale to accommodate the higher dots per inch (dpi).

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